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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  September 13, 2012 6:10am-9:00am PDT

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eastern. birds are chirping. >> john: can you believe how horrible this week has turned out to be? >> if i knew this would have happened i could have predicted that mitt romney would do this. people have such short memories when it comes to politics. it was only a few short weeks ago that mitt romney was overseas attacking the president, which everybody that was willing to talk about it said was unprecedented. so is it unprecedented for a desperate politician who is gasping at straws for relevancy to attack a sitting president without fully understand the gravity of what is happening abroad? it's unprecedented, but it's to be expected from a candidate in desperation mode. >> john: here is a brief time line what may have been a
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coordinated assault, demonstrates stormed the embassy in cairo, they scaled the wall and took down the american flag and hung up the black israel flag. they put out a statement condemning individuals who would hurt the feelings of our islam friends. later in the evening the obama said that was by the embassy they didn't speak for us. mitt romney jumped on this along with reince pribus.
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>> one of the good things that has come out of this is you have got various members of the media finally saying what is going on here. you have america helpren who tweeted out, doubling down equals the most craven and ill-advised moment of 2012 that's why they are calling it the lehman moment. >> john: uh-huh. >> when john mccain tried to suspend his campaign. joe scarborough tweeted out that he had been inundated from emails and calls from elected gop leaders who think romney's response was a mistake. you have peggy nunan saying i
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don't believe that mr. romney has been doing himself any favor lately. ben smith if you think the eye rolling at romney is just coming from the main stream media, call up some republican foreign policy hands. >> john: i heard john sununu himself. >> this is a problem for romney. what he is doing now, when he is trying to appeal to the right-wing evangelical base by making it clear that he really doesn't like muslims. it's all a play of desperation. it's why he put paul ryan on his ticket. look at what has happened over the last several weeks.
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republicans had their convention, democrats had theirs democrats got a bump, republicans didn't get a bump, mitt romney and the super pacs pulled out of pennsylvania and michigan. he announced that he was going -- right after obama gave his speech in charlotte, he said -- he was going after swing states but he did not include, wisconsin, new mexico, and nevada, and ohio and those are all extremely important swing states for the republican candidate. >> john: what does that indicate to you? >> well, they are obviously trying to pick their battles in terms of resources, but what i can picture is every tea partier in the country, you know, using their fat little fingers on their electoral college calculators desperate trying to
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find the math that gets him to 270 and convinced that math must be like the media and letters and shapes and has bias. and what happens when it gets that difficult is -- is desperation plays. it's what lead to that ad he made with bill clinton from 2008 that wasn't about the economy to attack obama on the economy. it's this press conference that was not only ill-advised -- whoever advised him to do this should be fired -- >> john: it has got to be fehrnstrom, right? >> him and other people. you need somebody in his office to tell him this is a bad idea, governor, but when you are in support of firing the gays -- you don't have an
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advisor like that. >> john: that's the worst thing about mitt romney when it comes to lgbt issues he is not a homophobe, he is pretending to be a homophobe which is worse. >> yes. >> john: can i play you a quick clip of president obama yesterday. >> yes. >> obama: there is a broader lesson to be learned here and governor romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later, and as president you can't do that. it's important for you to make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts and your thought through the ramifications before you make them. >> do you think it was irresponsible. >> obama: i'll let the american people determine that. >> john: that was so masterful,
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and he used romney's statement for an incredible political advantage. president obama completely linking mitt romney to george bush. >> absolutely, and because why -- over the last ten days with the democratic convention spotlighting president obama's foreign policy successes, mitt romney does haven't any of that experience. the best he can say is he can see his house from his other house -- [ laughter ] >> and one from his yacht in the cammans, and one from the top of ann's ballet horse. [ laughter ] >> but -- and what that leads to is this -- this false machizmo bellicose posturing by a
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republican to seem tough. there's nothing tough about being stupid. and that's exactly what mitt romney showed us. he's not bright enough to be smart when it comes to foreign policy. and you know what happens when you have that kind of posturing? people die. it's why we went to war in iraq in part. and why you hear republicans in part trying to get us into war with iran and russia. and mitt romney said if you thought it was okay to use bed bath and beyond coverage to get your medicare coverage and you thought you could do without your student loans and the health insurance you needed, but you still wanted romney you cannot afford to have this man in the oval office answering these questions. unfortunately -- and fortunately
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it seems like people are coming to that conclusion on their own. you have all of your different things, and mitt romney has everything he has ever wanted handed to him on a silver platter. >> john: except the senate and the white house -- >> right but these were all steps along the way. he has sold his soul to the devil to make it so but the sad reality for mitt romney is that the toughest decision he is going to have to make next year is what color of crovot to put on for ballet sports competition, because he is not going to be making any of the decisions he wanted to make in the oval office. >> john: i want to say not all
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tea partiers have fat fingers. >> that's true. >> john: mr. stephens deeply loved america and he knew the dangers. he was very, very concerned about the future of the country, and look on the ambassador role earlier this year left behind two children. we don't like seeing anyone use this to get a cheap political point. if mitt romney would have said this is a terrible tragedy, the president and i stand united in mourning the loss of americans and support the libbians. >> yeah, the ambassador didn't deserve to have his life
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politicized -- you know, and mitt romney seems so pleased with himself up there. he had -- he has george w. bush's puffed up chest and the smirk when he left that stage -- >> john: those are devastating photos. take a look at those. >> yeah i put some on my facebook page. and i wanted to smack that smirk right off of his face and i'm not a violent guy, but the posturing is just sick. i hope the media doesn't let this get swept under the rug. it has been good to see the media calling this for what this is, but they can't let up, because mitt romney has doubled down on these comments and if -- if you think this is isolated -- no this is the republican party going for
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broke, it's why reince preibus was making these statements and too many other republicans that don't take these things seriously are out there, and the video that has potentially sparked these kinds of uprising in the middle east -- >> john: karl we're out of town. but thank you for helping us make sense of this. >> have a good one guys. >> john: we'll be right back taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. this is the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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>> john: this is the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang filling in for steph all week so glad to be with you here on your raid yes, computer and current tv. joined by the great rick overton. good morning sir. >> good morning. thanks for having me on the show. >> john: we're like morning joe without telling micah to shut up and make me a steak. >> yeah. >> john: they are not nice to her. >> and that's msnbc. >> john: right. as a comedian, are you a fan of mitt romney? bill maher has come out and said he is rooting for romney as a comic. what about you? >> yeah, i'll just come up with
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other jokes -- that's like saying i love armageddon so i can do my three-minute armageddon joke. there is a whole spinning lazy susan of other topics out there. >> john: but george w. bush was gold for comedians. >> yeah. this is the year when i don't just look out for the comedian. this is when -- i start looking out for the working guy, and i think with obama in office it won't be as easy to write a joke about obama, but it will be just as easy to write about everyone attacking me. >> john: we'll talk about that
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and lots more when we come back. we're taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. this is the "stephanie miller show." ♪ hour political comedy special. >> republicans. government so small it can fit in your vagina. (vo) featuring stephanie miller and friends, in the funniest political comedy tour in america. >> fox news is like a mecca for people who hate mecca. (vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some
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♪ give you the real deal honey ♪ ♪ wake up baby ♪ >> john: this is the "stephanie miller show," i'm john fugelsang. filling in for the vacationing steph. i do hope she is sleeping in this morning. we'll be taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. joined by comic legend, rick overton. i consider you a legend because your jokes have been stolen by all comedians.
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>> thank you. it's good to get them out there. >> john: linda is calling from california. >> caller: hey i'm calling about the comedy part of mitt romney. >> john: please go on. >> caller: i have three quick points. and i love your show -- >> john: it's not my show. it's miss millers. >> caller: the last couple of day's events has turned silly mittens into a dangerous too close to be president kind of person, and when he made the statement yesterday -- i couldn't believe -- i wish you guys were on then, so i would say what is he doing? but the second part i have ann romney made a comment that it is
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our turn. and i think she's convinced mitt that it would be quote, good to be king, and that his play book is all about how to achieve any house. >> john: uh-huh. >> caller: and not how to be a great world leader. and on my facebook i have got this thing i learned in high school -- or probably elementary school, that united we stand, divided we fall, and i can't believe that he let us down so bad. i would not have voted for him anyway, but it is really sad he is on the public stage, and i'm not going to call him un-american, but i think it's very sad that somebody who wants to be our world leader, and lead our nation can't even stick together when something tragic happens. and that's all i have and thank you for taking my call. >> john: i agree, and i thought
6:35 am
those points were well made. >> he is the only rodeo rider where they open the gate and he runs out and there's no bull. >> john: yeah, sure they want to help the country, and i really think that he thinks that tax cuts will help the country -- >> well, it will help the country, china. >> john: i don't know what he thinks. the fact that a mormon is on the head of a major ticket makes me proud to be an american. i'm really inspired by that. >> yeah, once again i think the desperation factor comes into play.
6:36 am
they ditch it instan containously. their guile mixed with -- this clumsy guile. it's astonishing, and i think that's the comedy gold of the whole thing. the lack of sophistication because evil is made of stupid. >> john: yeah, i have tried really hard not to be a negative ditto head, i try to find something nice to say about the guy, because i don't want to be mean -- >> cool hair. i would love his hair. [ laughter ] >> that's it. >> john: maybe chuck willery will loan you his. >> that's right. >> john: he just makes it so easy by his never-ending
6:37 am
attempts to be all things to no people. patrice welcome to the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, john. couple of things number 1, if a person is negative and they are acting negative, they are negative. you call it what you see it. yes, a mormon is at the top of the ticket but we have to keep things in perspective. >> john: i agree. >> caller: what he did yesterday was idiotic and patriotic. he didn't have the facts. he got out there thinking he was unone upping obama, and then he was smirking. >> john: yeah i saw that. >> caller: and also too, this whole thing about he's leading in the polls as far as the economy is concerned. that's a mistaken belief. and that's going to come out during the debates.
6:38 am
>> john: i think you are right. because when you really look at it, he has no plan to fix the economy except tax cuts for the rich. they are digging up this crap putting perfume all over it it's the trickle-down economics, and when everybody opens up that package it's still crap and crap smell. and as long as he keeps doing this, and trying to resell this package, it's not going to work this time. and the dedate is going to show everything -- >> john: do you think he bought the nomination? >> i think he did. and bought those early endorsements from christy and nikki haley, he was the one donating the most money to their super pacs when they were running -- >> john: is that true any hadn't
6:39 am
heard that. >> caller: yeah. >> john: and tim pawlenty came on board, and the romney campaign paid off his debt. if he would have held on a little longer he could have been the anti-romney electable front runner. >> caller: well, and also too -- and also to that i don't think that this is going to be the close election that everybody is saying it is. i think that the media wants it to be a close race because they want to hype up the ratings and make this a dog fight, but when you really look at it it's not going to be a close race, and i think there will be a number of republicans that are going to turn over to obama. >> john: i think you are right, but i also think that that kind of thinking can potentially be dangerous, patrice. and i thank you for the call
6:40 am
because we don't need a bunch of democrats being smug and saying this guy clearly is not going to make it. i have to go to pink berry, i don't have time to vote today. >> yeah. and mid- -- mid-november or early december you can start to kick it a little bit. >> john: i agree. and we need voting week -- this one day a year for voting is crazy, and what they are trying to do to make it harder is even crazier. the historical tradition of voting on that first tuesday in november. >> yeah but this year on top of everything, they are trying to eliminate voting for thousands -- >> john: and the real silver lining to all of this voter intimidation all of these ridiculous things they are doing to make it harder to vote in a
6:41 am
democracy. >> what is so hard about a 92 year old getting a license! >> john: they are scared. this is the right realizes they are losing the majority of the country, and they are doing everything they can to mean the minorities from becoming the majority. >> absolutely. >> john: jim you are on "stephanie miller show" >> caller: it's pretty obvious to me that myth put his floundering political life over
6:42 am
the lives lost overseas. and he will throw a thousand people out of work to make a couple of million for his ira. >> john: yeah, but you have to love the set. it was lit just perfectly. it looked so presidential. >> caller: look, the guy dodged his faxes, dodged the draft, and -- i mean it is just out of control, and republicans are starting to see that he doesn't have the character of a president. and you know what -- and look at -- look at senator mccain. he was squirming -- mr. mccain tries to be -- i believe he is honorable. mitt romney has no honor, and mccain knows it. and that man was squirming last night, because it was killing him to have to say nice things about a man who he knows is the
6:43 am
last thing that america should have in the white house. >> john: i have to agree. the only thing more painful than watching john mccain's campaign is watching him endorse people he doesn't like. where are you in jersey? >> newark. >> john: you must be a huge fan of chris christie. >> he is just a one time thing -- i think he is just a blip, and he is under the thumb of the top -- top people paying his campaign. >> is that blip or blimp. >> john: stop it! >> caller: you be the judge of
6:44 am
that, but in the end it has to be a publicly financed campaign but americans have to fought for who they think is best for them. whether it's honor or the middle class, clearly president obama is the person, and mitt romney is just floundering each day and now they are all scurrying like rats, because they know the ship is sinking. >> john: thank you for the call and have a great day. the end result that you hope for is public funding of elections. we're going to break right now, but we'll be taking more of your calls today at 1-800-steph-1-2. this is the "stephanie miller show," we're talking liberally and we'll be right back. >> announcer: facts with slide whistle [ slide whistle ]
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[ train whistle blows ] [ ball hitting paddle ] [ orbit girl ] don't let food hang around. yeah! [ orbit trumpet ] clean it up with orbit! [ orbit glint ] fabulous! for a good clean feeling. ♪ eat, drink, chew orbit! ♪ >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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♪ my life got turned upside down i'll tell you how i became the prince of bellaire ♪ >> john: i'm john fugelsang. >> you had me sold on mash-ups yesterday. >> john: i know i'm doing all that good. seattle susieq tweets to me, to remember deval patrick's incite. romney was more interested in having the job than doing it.
6:50 am
if any republicans are out there listening, if you have families or friends in massachusetts give them a call and ask them why they think of governor mittens. we'll taking your calls all morning here with the great rick overton. >> thank you for having me my dear friend. >> john: what is your next big project coming out? >> my next big project is going to be going out to san francisco in october -- the week of october -- i believe -- 11 through 14 doing the saterista's set-list shows with robin williams -- >> john: i saw some photos on that. you guys really work well together. i have seen video of you and robin doing stand-up together. >> yeah, for 35 years we have
6:51 am
been goofing around together. >> john: i have the [ inaudible ] on twitter. so that is almost as cool. >> it is nice to have a following. >> john: isn't it. >> and what part of hell are you going to be moving into. >> john: no they unite homophobias and liberals together -- they went after me on 9/11 again. because last year i went down to the world trade center and took photos of their disgusting vial demonstrations. >> what are they saying? >> john: they i'm going to hell
6:52 am
and the f-word. >> they use the f-word. >> john: well the other f-word the slur for our gay friends. we're going to be talk about medical marijuana in the next hour and paul ryan saying a few things that he has had to walk back as well as president obama's comments on medical marijuana. and we're still taking your calls. and corky is calling in rochester. >> caller: thanks for taking my call. romney said the guy that made that movie had the right under our constitution of free speech. it doesn't make it right. we have 80,000 troops over in afghanistan. if that's going to cause a backlash, i'm sure glad there
6:53 am
are no muslims in afghanistan. [ laughter ] >> good one. >> john: well put, corky. >> caller: and the other thing i'm going to give you to take on your road tour about campaign finance reform. >> john: okay. >> caller: i was charged when i was younger with driving drunk and reckless driving. i donated $2,000 to the judge i was going to go before to his election campaign as free speech money, and they tried to charge me with bribery of a public official. how come me i'm a middle class, my money is considered bribery -- but sheldon adelson -- you know the difference between crazy and
6:54 am
exsentrick, how much money you have in the bank. >> john: let's go to tim in new york. good morning, tim. you are on the steph show. >> caller: hey it's ken in new york. >> john: oh, sorry. >> caller: but close enough. the time line you got the time line wrong, johnny on the -- >> john: tell me what i got wrong. >> caller: they put that on at 6:00 in the morning, eight, nine hours before the over the wall event. >> john: okay. when they were gathering outside and it was starting to get heated they took that out before they took the flag down. >> caller: way before. >> john: it was reported on the
6:55 am
cable blog that one staffer at the u.s. embassy in cairo was responsible for the statements. and that staffer ignored explicit state department instructions not to issue the statement. >> caller: smartphone dumb staffer. >> john: good point. >> caller: for the murdoch talking points of the day, on fox they are selling mitt as the victim of a conspiracy by the reporters to get him with gotcha questions. >> john: which questions? >> like what would you do with president? >> caller: yeah, it was a hot mic and the reporters were asking each other about what questions they were going to ask him. that's standard operating procedure, like the ambush journalism of o'reilly,
6:56 am
et cetera isn't -- >> yeah, it's only the main stream media when they are attacking the candidate involved. >> john: that's right. and i thank you very much for the call, not tim from new york. i'm going to try to be as fair as i can be. but fox news they don't really pretend to be unbiased anymore. but we support president obama reelection. and even liberals out there, who don't support everything president obama has done you don't have to be in the tank to be in the tank for this election. i thank you for the call. we'll be taking more of your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪ ann coulter, noted flip flopper. >> stephanie: rush limbaugh.
6:57 am
i'm going to be on with the governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [♪ theme music ♪] >> john: this is the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang filling in for steph all week long, and taking your calls, and it's time once again to go to the brilliant, the luminous the only person who can help me take sense out of all that is going on in the world is jacki schechner, deep underground in current's new bunker. >> i'm on a mission john can you ban with me to get tony to speak before tomorrow. >> john: let's get him to speak
6:58 am
right now. >> good morning, jacki. i'm just shy. >> john: just because the silent film won best picture, doesn't mean that you get to be this way. >> i'm trying to hard to get tony to come out of his shell. >> john: tony, jacki schechner is talking to you. don't blow it. [ laughter ] >> john: thank you, jacki what is happening in the world. >> it looks like it is do as i say not as a do for mitt romney as far as anyone who wanted to be his running mate. the romney campaign asked for some members of his vice president picks to turn over ten years of their tax returns. and mitt romney said he will only turn over two. 700,000 young minority voters
6:59 am
may not be able to vote in the up coming election. in pennsylvania the state supreme court is set to hear arguments today over a law that requires voters to show a state-issued id. a lower court refused to issue an injunction to block the law last month. bloomberg reporting there are at least 14 cases pending that challenge new election-related laws in states like wisconsin, colorado, florida, and ohio. courts have already rejects some in ohio, florida, and texas. including one yesterday that would have restricted early voting to just members of the military. and in florida more than 2600 voters who were taken off of the rolls by error will be placed
7:00 am
back on the roll. think progress reports florida state department officials said they can expect new names for possible removal in two to three weeks. we're back with more after the break. stay with us. and friends, in the funniest political comedy tour in america. >> fox news is like a mecca for people who hate mecca. (vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels.
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for healthy tips and more, visit [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ ♪ hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> john: good morning, welcome to the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang, joined by toni on the mike and the great rick overton in the seat. where we're not afraid of gotcha
7:04 am
questions, we are afraid of gotcha elections. and we're joined now this person joined the sexy liberal comedy tour last fall and her new book, what is the matter with white people is so great, my -- my mom stole it from me and i can't get my copy back. please welcome the one and only joan walsh. good morning. >> good morning, john. that's so nice to hear about your mom. >> john: stole it. i want to congratulate you on all of the well-deserved accolades on the book. >> thank you very much. >> john: and edgy title.
7:05 am
>> after though republican convention people went to google and typed in what is the matter with white people and they got my book. [ laughter ] >> john: being caucasian i get where you are going there. >> i love my people. >> john: so do i i love all people, but not all people's behaviors. i haven't spoken to you since the conventions. did you enjoy? >> i enjoyed charlotte, i was glad i went to tampa, not the same thing. i was very glad i had the experience of just the democratic difference, the sea of white faces and white hair, and definitely an older crowd and not a very enthusiastic crowd. they really seemed to be going through the motions, and then you arrive in charlotte, and
7:06 am
it's a typical democratic convention, and we all have horrible hotels and you complain, and yet the people that i met, and the party delegates really looked like america. racial diversity is only part of it. it was a lot of class diversity all ages. >> john: i really wish i had been able to go to tampa. i have never been to a convention. i have always dreamed of going. but tampa seemed really fascinating to me like you said. >> right. >> john: but let me ask you, i thought by the time governor romney gave his speech on thursday night, that he won the crowd over. i thought paul ryan really got the crowd excited for mitt romney. he was the only guy in that convening who is running in 2016
7:07 am
who wasn't undermining governor romney, and it seems like romney got them on his side? >> i think he did some of that. you know, about the time the balloons dropped, it was definitely a party, so i think people in the hall left feeling pretty good about it. and any time republicans are just like anybody else. you have your tribe. you see the same people every four years, there is an element of fun it to, apart from the politics, but i have to say especially looking back but even at the time that [ inaudible ] clint eastwood really cost them -- cost romney his chance at some kind of convention bounce. because if you were in the hall it was a good night for mitt romney. we had a couple of people from his church testify to kind
7:08 am
things he did for them. >> john: very moving. >> very moving and i was in the god godless christian section and we were all having to look at each other and say even we are not evil enough to scoff at these stories. these are very sad stories. >> john: yeah. >> the video was a nice video about his being a good father but they didn't package any of that for prime time. for prime time what you got was crazy grandpa rambling at the invisible black man in the black chair. >> john: my impression was that the audience in the arena really liked what eastwood did. >> they mostly liked it. there was a lot of looking
7:09 am
around, and a lot of this -- is this still going on ? >> john: really? >> yeah, but ultimately they came around to it. and anybody who is mocking president obama gets a big hand in that crowd, but i think that as -- you have to look at this stuff as also what is the tv audience seeing for the one hour that they may be watching it and that -- you know, they saw kind of a surreal performance art, which -- and not in a good way. >> john: yeah. >> and that really accounted for the lack of a bounce for mitt romney. >> john: fascinating. and of course the well-produced propaganda film about mitt romney was bumped from the prime time lineup for clint eastwood, and it turns out what may have really helped mitt romney was never broadcast to the public. >> exactly.
7:10 am
it was unusually poorly organized for the republicans. >> john: once again, well done eric fehrnstrom. two months ago rupert murdoch tweeted that romney had to start firing some of his advisors to go up against the democratic machine. >> yeah. and i wrote yesterday -- mitt romney will never be president because of the way he completely botched and cruelly lied about what the president did in response to -- you know the tragedies in benghazi and unrest in cairo. on the other hand i think they really are -- they know their only chance right now, i think, is not so much hyping economic trouble, but hyping fear of the
7:11 am
president. >> john: uh-huh. >> and the belief that he is a muslim and he sympathizes with our attackers and all of that crap. i think that's where they are going. >> john: i think you are right, joan. i think there are some republicans and social conservatives and moderates that mitt really lost this week that no debate performance will win back. were you surprised to see the ineptness of him blaming the president -- >> in an embassy that was about to come under siege. one staffer who was probably afraid that what did happen was going to happen, was trying to -- you know say something conciliatory -- >> john: yes, i think it was actually a smart move. >> yeah.
7:12 am
saying we're not part of that -- >> john: it was unauthorized. >> it was unauthorized. i just think campaigns make mistakes, and it was possible for mitt romney to say my campaign released something unauthorized or we didn't have all of the facts or something, but that is the thing, mitt romney never ever says that. mitt romney never -- he makes mistakes and he never comes out and says that was a mistake, you know. we're all human. he always finds a way to just tell us that he was correct and so that performance yesterday where he met the press -- and the traveling press with him, they are kind of hostages to tell the truth, and they are not usually the feistiest -- they were agast.
7:13 am
>> john: yeah, and he didn't back down. mitt romney's initial statement was released to journalists in an email at 10:00 pm with the condition that they could use the statement after midnight. >> got to let 9/11 pass. >> john: and it's a bit stunning. and i was even more stunned by reince prebus' tweet, he tweeted out that the president just sided with the attackers sad and pathetic, i think that's the kind of thing that a responsible conservative would demand the resign for. >> i thought the same thing. there seems to be there's no going too far with this party. even though i believe he will never be president because i love our country, and i don't believe people will elect him
7:14 am
however, having said that, today the pew form is out with a new poll saying that the number of americans who believe that barack obama is a muslim has doubled since 2008. the man has been our president for four years, and these americans believe he is a muslim. that's why they are hyping that. he needs to american how to be an american, and we're going to wink and nod -- >> john: all of the otherness. otherness. otherness. i agree that shows actually that the greatest throat our freedom is not foreign terrorists but domestic morons. and mitt romney has turned a blind eye to this zena phobia. john mccain said this man is a
7:15 am
christian and an american and he got booed for that. mitt romney doesn't have that kind of honor. when he made the comment i have my birth certificate, i thought the campaign was done then. >> yeah. but it's really despicable when we see what they are willing to dump on this president. like i said, i'm -- i'm predicting that he will not be president, and yet i have been surprised before. they have so much money, and they have zero morals. >> and they are capable of stealing an election by other means. >> and then there's that. right. stealing it and working overtime to disenfranchise young and non-white voters. so they have all of their bases covered. >> john: voter intimidation --
7:16 am
>> yep. >> john: secretary clinton reminded us that the u.s. government had nothing to do with this video. i have been impressed of the libbian muslims holding up signs showing their support for peace and love of america. >> yeah, pastor jones. >> yeah, he speaks for nobody. this is when diplomacy is important. and the idea that diplomacy is somehow apiecing our enemies, it's juvenile. it's just not -- you know, it's not presidential. it's -- it's frankly terrifying that this guy things what to do now is inflame the situation rather than work with our allies and know that the people in the region don't want a
7:17 am
confrontation. even people hostile to pastor jones and his band of morons they don't want that. and that's what secretary clinton and the president are counting on, and it's their job to cultivate those people and not inflame them. that's not mitt romney's way. >> john: you are mighty right, and after offending britain and russia, i hope we have some allies left. joan where can the folks follow you? >> where can they fallow me? >> john: sure, you are on the twitter. >> just at joan walsh. >> john: thank you for helping me make sense of all of this. [ applause ] >> thanks, john. >> john: thank you. and we'll be right back taking your calls at 1-800-steph-1-2. >> what the hell was that? >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show."
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na rosin discusses her new book. it's called "the end of men". oh my god, whos going to kill the big bugs in the bedroom? only on current tv. ♪ ♪ i feel good i knew that i would now ♪ ♪ i feel good ♪ ♪ i knew that i would now ♪ ♪ so good so good i got you ♪ >> john: the "stephanie miller
8:20 am
show." i'm john fugelsang. that's james brown with the fine young cannibals. i bet you didn't know they recorded together. >> you have turned me on to all of these mash ups. >> john: i know. thank you stephanie for letting me drive the wheels. and now there's a few folks who have been hold for a long time let's talk to mary in georgia. >> caller: good morning. >> john: hi. >> caller: listen, i heard jacki talking about nacula nacula and one part she left out was when the people from the ap confronted him he denied that he had [ inaudible ] -- >> john: yes. >> and offered to show his driver license and put his thumb
8:21 am
over the middle name. >> john: uh-huh. and the middle name was what? >> caller: it was baffeley and then he has another alias, which is bacily, that's from his conviction for bank fraud. >> john: exactly. >> caller: he was convicted and ordered to pay $97,000 in restitution. i wonder if he has. you were talking about cracking down on medical marijuana. here is where we need to crack down on. him, making sure he has paid his fine and putting him back in jail because he violated his probation. >> john: well, a boy can dream. she is right not only the actors of that offensive film, but the guy who made it is lying about who he is. and i said the name of the film
8:22 am
yesterday morning, but i'm not saying it again, and we're not playing any of the cuts. >> another quality false flag production. >> john: exactly. mary in west virginia. >> caller: good morning, president obama has been shown on tv this morning answering a question about whether egypt is our friend or our enemy. his answer is egypt is not a friend or enemy at this point. and one pundit used that to say the president is unsure. yesterday msnbc had a lady on who said we, meaning the america, has no cards to play right now.
8:23 am
she said new egyptian president morrissey has already been to iran and china before he has been to america. but if this is true don't you think the president is wise to reserve judgment? >> john: i didn't see that interview and i don't know who the lady in question is. and i didn't hear the president say that as well. but there is a lot of turmoil over it, and do we trust the new government. the fact is, the people of egypt are going to choose for their leader who they want, and if they don't like this guy, they will replace them as they effectively have replaced their leader before. i don't know much work about president morisi, i just liked his work with the smiths. but egypt is very much still a strategic partner with america
8:24 am
and israel. we'll have peter welsh from the great state of vermont joining us in the next hour of the show. katherine, in california i can give you about 20 seconds to make your point. >> caller: yes i just wanted to bring up the fact during the arab spring when hilary clinton was talking about free and fair elections, and that's what i want back in this country. expect long lines, because i saw so many people leaving in 2004. >> john: yes. >> and we need a democratic house and senate in order for this president to get things done. >> and the smartest thing you can do is bring one of those folding chairs.
8:25 am
>> john: and you and the internet. we'll be right back with the "stephanie miller show" after this. ♪ >> republicans. government so small it can fit in your vagina. (vo) featuring stephanie miller and friends, in the funniest political comedy tour in america. >> fox news is like a mecca for people who hate mecca. (vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> john: this is the "stephanie miller show." i'm john fugelsang filling in for stephanie all week, along with silent tony on the mic, and rick overton joining me. peter welsh is the representative for vermont at large congressional district. he is a democratic superstar, and i welcome you, congressman welsh to the "stephanie miller
8:30 am
show." good morning. >> it's good to be with you. >> john: i can only imagine how must fun it for you to watch mitt romney undoing everything he has done in the last five years in running for president. >> i was really quite stunned that this ambassador and the three others who lost their lives are entitled to respect. and respect is not descending immediately essentially into tactical politics and it was amazing to listen to such an ungraceful statement, and also where he was so bootstrapping this argument that the statement he was criticizing first of all wasn't authored by the president, second, is it really the case that we cannot in this
8:31 am
country, defend the right to free speech while we also promote tolerance. >> john: exactly. >> there's no contradiction. so i thought it was a cheap shot in -- and quite damaging to -- to romney. so -- so that -- i guess that's the good news, but this is such a heart-wrenching loss of life, and the state department folks are such a family. this again is i think what romney didn't really at all appreciate. the state department people live with a certain amount of danger and it's just organic to them, and they go about their business, and they don't make a big deal about it but they really care about america's standing in the world, and they have dedicated their lives to promoting american interests abroad, and they are smart, bright people that have a great deal of -- of compassion for -- for the -- our country
8:32 am
and the countries where they serve. so i thought -- the lack of grace in mr. romney's self interest to turn this into a political advantage to him was revealing about damaging to him. >> john: i couldn't agree more. i know this ambassador was beloved by both parties. he risked his life to help bring freedom to the people of libya, and he gave his life in that same service yesterday. i respect that governor romney is running a hard campaign he has a lot of steak, but i always thought after a national tragedy isn't that when all americans are supposed to come together. i remember after 9/11 democrats really did not feel inclined to
8:33 am
go after president bush for a time. i was surprised he didn't play more of a leadership role and stand with the president. >> that's exactly right. there's a contradiction in political life. it's hard fought, no holds barred, it is combative, but there also has to be some civility and some limits on what you do because you have these limits because you know that we as a country need to work together and succeed. and one of the limits has been just as you describe it when there has been a tragedy, that we have all calmed down and focused on the loss and acknowledged the service of those that we have lost, and -- so i have never seen anything like this by a major presidential candidate where the
8:34 am
immediate first statement just plunges in to tactical demeanor politics. >> john: and governor romney and president obama to their credit both agreed not to have negative ads on 9/11. and governor romney sent this statement out with the admonish that they not release the statements until after midnight. so they had to wait until it was beyond 12:00 to issue this smear. if governor romney had waited a little longer to smear the president until it was 9/12 he might have avoided the mess he
8:35 am
stepped into. >> yeah, well he is getting desperate. people are starting to get what the choice is, they really are. the economy is not doing what it needs to do, we all know that but the whole romney campaign has been trying to indict the president for the situation, even though the mess that we're in was largely created by policies that governor romney is embracing as a prescription. and people, i think are starting to see that fundamentally there's a choice about one candidate who seems to be on the side of the middle class is trying, and by the way, trying in the face of relentless just say no opposition from folks like mitch mcconnell and another candidate who really has this weird view if you give ever-more tax cuts to really rich people that somehow that's going to benefit everybody else.
8:36 am
and no evidence for that double down on trickle down makes no sense to people. they just know in their gut that's not a sensible policy. >> it's astonishing how much of his own base has inverted against him on this one. >> that's right. because it's rhetoric and platitudes, and at a certain point your base wants some real meat on the bones. >> john: that would -- that was my next question i was wondering about how you feel about his selection of paul ryan as his running mate because that was his big claim of having meat on the bone. ignore the fact that it is more tax cuts on the rich. were you surprised by that selection? >> i was glad he picked ryan because it made very explicit what their policies are.
8:37 am
paul ryan has dedicated his political life to lowering the debt, and he gets an f -- >> john: uh-huh. >> the war on iraq prescription drug program bush tax cuts. he supported every single one of those. number 2 when he had a very high position in congress he was able to write the budget. the ryan budget increases the debt by $6 trillion so how do you call yourself successful when the budget that you write actually exploded the debt? why did it do that because radical tax cuts would bring romney's effective tax rate down to 1%. >> john: yep. >> and give increases in pentagon spending beyond what we can afford and beyond what the pentagon wants -- >> john: uh-huh. >> -- and those two things are so deficit exploding that even
8:38 am
with radical cuts in student aid, health care medical research, you still end up with an explosion of $6 trillion in national debt. he has two notions that make no sense. there's assumptions in the approach that ryan is taking. one is that if you give tax cuts to rich people that will make the middle class and poor better off. >> john: yeah, ignore the last eight years of hisries. >> and the second is we're all better off on our own. the institutions -- institutions themselves are impediments to human liberty. and that makes no sense, because traditional conservatives have been small government, low tax, and personal responsibility. all good things. but that includes active citizenship building local institutions, the local bank or
8:39 am
the fire department but you know you carry on those values that you believe as a conservative, you have got to build institutions. and ryan dismantles them. [ applause ] >> john: what a man. congressman thank you so much for taking time with us. it's arros tock aresy versus democracy, and in the paul ryan budget, i see a guy just trying to double down on the trickle down. and i thank you for so ably pointing that out. >> thanks, bye-bye. >> john: we'll be taking your calls for the final quarter hour of the "stephanie miller show." >> romney: i love it. it's a fabulous program. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show."
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♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ >> john: keep playing it. keep playing it. this is a great song. hang on. no keep playing it. this is the closest you are going to get to metal for me. this is black rebel motorcycle club. the album is called "baby 81" one of the best rock tracks of the last 30 years. >> i like these guys. i always learn about music when i'm with john. >> john: you got to learn something. we have been talking about
8:45 am
medical marijuana, and trying to get to it. we had great interviews with peter welsh, and mudcat saunders. so we'll continue that tomorrow. paul ryan said in an interview that he feels the states should decide on medical marijuana. someone got to him, and now the campaign says paul ryan agrees with governor romney that they should never never be allowed. >> [ inaudible ] if romney's president, you won't be able to afford to buy any. >> john: exactly right. and gary johnson is now on the ballot in 47 states. and president obama has been making some overtures towards the medical marijuana community.
8:46 am
and we'll go into that tomorrow, but i want to play you a clip. it is about a minute long. i'm going to play the whole thing. >> guys listen to this. >> john: 2007. this is a gentlemen in a wheelchair who needs medical marijuana who's doctor's recommended it. and he is talking to candidate mitt romney. >> i have to take medical marijuana or i will die. [ inaudible ] i use it for medical purposes -- >> >> romney: and you have synthetic marijuana available -- >> it makes me sick. i have tried it and it makes me throw up. >> john: now listen to this. >> romney: i'm sorry to hear
8:47 am
that. >> my question to you is will you arrest me and my doctors if i get medical marijuana -- >> romney: i'm not in favor of medical marijuana -- >> would you have my arrested? >> reporter: you are not going to answer his question governor? >> romney: i have -- >> reporter: you are just going to ignore a person in a wheelchair. >> romney: i spoke with him. >> reporter: but you didn't answer his question. >> romney: i have. >> john: there you have it. >> the guy is hanging on to life himself. >> john: uh-huh. there are two questions i want to see governor romney asked at the debates, if season takes medical marijuana, who deserves a longer jail sentence the cancer patient or the doctor who describes it. and if you succeed in having roe
8:48 am
v wade reveals who deserves the longer jail sentence the woman who has the abortion, or the doctor who performs it. i don't care in medical marijuana is a trojan horse for the medical marijuana people. there are sick people and this flower helps them. >> and no one ever took a valium that didn't need it, right? that never happened right? >> john: exactly. we filmed a whole episode about this issue yesterday, and we didn't have any opposing voices. we didn't bring any anti-marijuana people, because those debates are out there -- >> you won't survive the debate now. it's too late in our knowledge base. i would not want to be you at that debate if you were coming in to defy it. >> john: i agree. a flower that has been growing
8:49 am
in this country a lot longer than white people have been here, and if you don't like marijuana, you take it up with the manufacturer because apparently god has no problem growing it all over the world. we'll play that clip again tomorrow, as well as paul ryan's clip that got anymore a little bit of hot water, and the president's surprising new promo with herald and cuemar. but harriet you have been on hold for over an hour. >> caller: hi, how are you. >> john: better now that we're talking to you. >> caller: that's nice. you said how we're supposed to sit together in a tragedy, and they are not. john mccain was on television
8:50 am
bashing obama for his reaction basically supporting romney's comments, and just went off all over the place, and it makes me fear they are looking to go to war. >> they are. >> john: yeah, they are. >> they are inventing a reason left and right. >> john: they are opposed to whatever this president stands for. >> caller: that's what gets me when obama was sending the drones into libya to help they blasted him. >> john: because he did it without congressional approval. it is wrong that he did it without asking our permission first. >> caller: because they would give him permission to do anything. >> john: exactly. john mccain had -- you know, by maverick they meant moderate a guy who wasn't afraid to go against his party's base.
8:51 am
>> caller: exactly. >> now john mccain has become a bit more moderate and it's hard to see him come out during an election -- >> this is a guy that launches a missile on deck into another carrier. >> john: that's right. i do thank cindy mccain coming out in favor of same-sex marriage. good morning. >> caller: i love joan walsh. i like cenk uygur too. he's hot.% >> cenk is great. >> caller: this morning i watched an interview, and it was the final thing that pushed me over the edge, and i'm a
8:52 am
political junky, i can't do it anymore. gretchen carlson said what would you do? tell obama what to do. and he was like here is what you have to say to all of those other countries that they are just terrible and unfit to do what they are doing -- like he is the boss and they are little managers, and she said -- he said you have to be strong and go over there and make sure they know you are not weak. >> go over -- start practice -- practicing looking like you are actually in charge of something. >> john: exactly. christina thank you for the call. there is going to be a fund raiser for colonel wane powell who is challenging eric cantor
8:53 am
on september 18th, 2012, at 494 afalfi drive in the palisades. rick where can the keep see you. october 11th through 14 and at [ inaudible ] theater, it will be [ inaudible ]. >> john: who of my favorite venues in the world. i'll pulling a show with hal sparks at the barrymore theater. sexy liberal is hitting the paramount with me and steph and hal. and we'll be doing a big show for pen next week in new york city. we got to everyone who was on hold for more than an hour and that's a personal achievement for me. go out and make your corner of
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